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My name is Dean Ritchey - I have been teaching music for over 30 years, and I'm in this business to empower people who don't want to pay the high cost of music lessons to pursue their dreams of playing an instrument. But helping people achieve their dreams is impossible if there isn't an easy-to-follow, orderly formula for success.

It saddens me to see so many excited new guitar players lost, confused, and frustrated because they failed to develop the fundamental building blocks needed to learn more advanced skills, and ultimately get discouraged and give up on their dream.

"It is easier to prevent bad habits than to break them." - Ben Franklin.

Here Is What My Learning Blueprint Looks Like

  • Six weeks of finely-tuned, ordered lessons that build on each other as part of a natural, healthy learning curve
  • My revolutionary 8-Note Memory Hack, so you can learn the first eight important notes and never forget them
  • Common Pitfall Fixes: everyone arrives at the same roadblocks, no matter how much of a "natural" you are (or "un-natural"). I have devised a systematic, detailed solution to each and every problem you will encounter. Literally every one.
  • Stripped Down, "No Fluff" Approach: Everything you need, nothing you don't. If you follow the simple steps, you will absorb the fundamentals quickly - and you will learn fast. By focusing only on the essentials, the lessons prevent distraction and get you strumming new tunes in less than a week.
  • No Blind Learning: you will master your skills faster by understanding the how and why of what you are playing. We'll dig deeper than traditional surface level approaches.
  • If you follow the lessons closely, you can expect to wow your friends and family (and yourself!) by playing real songs in under a week.

Get Each Lesson for Less Than The Cost of A Starbucks Coffee

There's no doubt about it, one-on-one live music lessons are expensive. Depending on the instructor, you will spend $40-80 per hour. And, if you don't own one already - you still need to buy an instrument to be able to practice at home.

It's just nuts. I already told you, I'm here to empower people with music who looked at the hourly price of lessons and sadly thought, "no way."

My 6-Week Online Guitar School - Module 1 course costs $14.99... that comes out to only $2.50/lesson. Plus, I'm so confident in the revolutionary methods contained within, I offer a money-back guarantee (but more on that in a minute). If you know anyone offering a course for a price like that, please let me know. I have yet to find one.

But What If I Can't Read Music?

Careful, don't confuse yourself with complex music theory... it can be just as frustrating as learning a foreign language. In the first module, I ONLY introduce the absolute minimum of theory needed to begin playing -- and slowly, as you progress, I layer on more advanced elements.

Compare the process to building a snowman... you don't do all the heavy lifting yourself, right? You start with a small ball (the bare minimum) then roll it across the field as it grows and builds itself.

I also devised a unique system to imprint musical notation into your memory. By removing all the unnecessary elements that normally bog down beginners, I free up your limited mental resources to focus on the essentials.

Here's why this is important: when first learning where a note belongs on the guitar, I remove timing out of the equation for the student. The results are amazing... this allows the students to laser-focus only on the pitch of where that specific note is on the music, which accelerates the learning curve like crazy for remembering music and where the notes belong on the guitar fretboard.

In addition, I also reinforce this by using a unique method of kinetic tapping and chanting in live time before it is introduced on the instrument - further embedding the understanding into the student's mind.

Take Control Of Your Learning (And Your Time)

One of the best parts of my program is the flexibility you will receive. Learn from the couch in your PJs if you want. Bring these lessons anywhere you can fit a laptop, tablet, or phone and your guitar. Doesn't matter, it's all up to you.

Forget about leaving friends or family at home and having to drive through traffic to get to your $40 lesson.

Forget the frustration of desperately trying to remember what you learned a week or two ago. Scanning your brain might help you remember half of that lesson where you learned how to transition from a chord in E major to open A minor...

...but you'll never fully remember 100% of everything you need (unless you have a photographic memory... pls tell me how you do that).

With my lessons, you enjoy the convenient option of rewinding to refresh your memory. If you need to get up and do something, just pause and return when you are ready. Each lesson can be started whenever you want, and you will have three full weeks to complete each lesson before they expire. And you can watch them as many times as you want.

If you are hungry to learn and passionate about improving your ability... you can work through the lessons as quickly as you want, and move on to Online Guitar School - Module 2 for continuing your educational journey.

In Online Guitar School - Module 1, You Will Learn

  • The Basic Parts of the Guitar
  • Holding and Hand Positioning
  • Tuning With an Electronic Tuner (And Which App to Download)
  • 8 Notes on the First Three Strings, and How to Produce Them
  • 4 Mini Chords and One Full Chord
  • Smart Picking and Strumming Techniques
  • Note Beat Values
  • Some Symbols Used in Music
  • Dampening
  • Various Musical Etudes

What If I Need Direct Feedback?

Your lessons will be the product of decades of teaching experience -- all the common beginner struggles, questions, confusion will be addressed (all of them) and resolved in real time... and as soon as you hit the bump in the road, I'll be ready and waiting to guide you through it.

Any common pitfall or roadblock you come across, I have already identified and addressed. I realize this is a bold claim, but I've been doing this for so long that I know with complete certainty that any problems that may occur to you have already occurred to MANY others MANY times. Nothing is unique to you. Rest assured that you are in the company of millions of people... if you have struggled with something, others have too. It is normal. AND only a master teacher can know all of these pitfalls. If you follow along and listen, any question you have will be answered. Here is one typical example ...

How to Fix A Common Guitar Mistake

Almost all guitar students will find it challenging at first to maintain the proper fingering configuration during chord changes. They will stop the beat in a desperate effort to get the chord changes, but in doing so the music stops.

I teach you to remove the timing and the strumming, so you can focus 100% on a proper, fluid chord transition. Your brain has limited capacity for what it can focus on, and that's why this technique is so effective.

My methods cut the fat, isolate the problem, and clear the clutter so you can focus on one thing at a time... and, once the basics become second nature, you can layer on skills and build speed to be playing songs in under a week!

One year from now you will look back, and either be standing in the same spot you are now... imagining the joy of playing to your friends and family, craving the happiness and accomplishment of owning a new musical skill, and still dreaming about doing it one day.

OR - You could actually be doing it. Which one will you choose?

If you want to join the club of masterful musicians, you must take the first step.

Join Me Today And KNOW
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What will happen After I enroll to AMS?

  1. You will get an email with your account login and password, which you can use to log into
  2. When you sign in, you will see 6 lessons waiting in the portal. We recommend you start with the first but you have the freedom to start wherever you want.
  3. You will receive corresponding PDF exercises and practice materials for the lessons in this module.
  4. You can begin immediately on your first 30-minute lesson.
  5. After starting a lesson, you will have 3 full weeks to complete it before it expires. You can watch it as many times as you want.
  6. Personal correspondence with me, Dean Ritchey. I doubt you'll need it, because I answer every possible hiccup in the videos... but you can always direct message me on the forum or send an email on our "contact us" page where I will respond within 24 hours.

If I can answer any more of your questions, just click the following link and submit your inquiry: ( I'll probably be teaching music to my students, but I'll respond within 24 hours with an answer guaranteed.

Yours Truly,

Dean Ritchey
Accu Music School

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