How It Works

The Method

The Accu Music method is based on decades of experience in teaching music in group and one-on-one settings. A challenge that a lot of students face is learning all the music rules at the same time as the mechanics. With my method I pace the lessons in a way that enables students to learn the physical part of music (that being the instrument) more quickly, and integrate the theoretical part of music (that being the rules) after more skill mastery has been achieved. The result is that students don't get bogged down with a complicated knowledge of music theory before they can actually play the instrument. I find that this approach is more rewarding and encouraging.

Throughout the lessons, I identify and map common challenges to learning, and present remedies to these learning problems in multimedia format. The lessons demonstrate problems that students may encounter and then provide the corrections, leaving no doubt as to the correct way to play.

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The Psychology

The understanding of the human mind is important when learning skill-based activities. The mind is the key to accelerating the learning process and methods in presenting the lesson are infused with psychological tactics to prevent learning pitfalls and plateaus, and to accelerate the development of muscle memory.

The Expense

Typically music lessons done one-on-one in person are expensive for a couple of reasons:

  • The instructor is usually a highly skilled and qualified professional.
  • The notion that the teacher is one on one limits his/her income based on availability alone.

Accu Music lessons use specialized methods as though live, but are recorded as multimedia presentations. One might think that this less personal approach is substandard to a live interactive experience with a teacher, but with Accu Music lessons the student doesn't have to rely on remembering instruction until the next lesson. The entire lesson can be played and re-played many times over. The fact that there isn't a live teacher eliminates the need for the corresponding expense.

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