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I recently decided to learn trumpet, and ACCU music school seemed like a great place to start. The lessons are informative, easy to understand and allow me to learn stress-free from my own house. I'd definitely recommend this program to any beginner that wants to learn to play an instrument without the high costs of a private teacher.
Leon Fei, grade 8 high school student
Photo of Brea Fischer
Mr. Ritchey is currently my band teacher and has been for the last four years. He is an expert in the music field and has vast knowledge of multiple instruments including the saxophone, clarinet, trumpet, French-horn, guitar etc... He uses a variety of different methods, providing expertise for each individual instrument and skill set. He has made his website accumusicschool.com available for his students here at our high school and many students use it on a regular basis to help improve and hone their skills. Mr. Ritchey is a very talented teacher who will inspire you to succeed, he has extraordinary skills and incredible knowledge which results in the absolute best learning and or teaching you can find.
Brea Fischer
Photo of Kaylar Chan
Dean's love of everything musical is very evident through his teaching. As a student of his, and then later a colleague, it was rather impossible for me to walk away from time spent with him without feeling inspired. He did more for my musicianship than he will probably ever know.
Kaylar Chan, former student
Photo of Sonny Khangura
I've had the pleasure of working with Dean for the past 7 years and am extremely impressed at how he is always able to get the most out of his students. He has the ability to really listen and understand where his students are along the learning curve and knows exactly when to push you and pull you back. He is a masterful teacher and I have a tremendous amount of respect for the passion and dedication he brings to his art. Thanks Dean for finally making yourself available to the world through your website accumusicschool.com.
Sonny Khangura
Photo of Jeremy Bartlett
I have had the opportunity to experience Dean Ritchey's teaching style in a variety of different ways, most notably as a spectator and as a student. Dean has the ability to positively engage his students both on a large scale and in one to one interactions. In my experiences as a spectator of his large scale band productions, he has in incredible talent in working with groups of all ages and pulls the highest level of excellence out of them. He understands the importance of focusing on his performers strengths and with this he is able to produce exceptional musical pieces. On a one to one scale, Dean works patiently with his students and meticulously assists them in achieving their musical goals and aspirations. What I have experienced, is that if you're willing to put in the work, Dean will provide you with the fundamentals and necessary skills to become proficient in the art. If you are looking for someone who can lead by example by playing exceptionally as well as being able to teach to this level, then look no further than Accu Music School, excellent service; excellent teacher.
Jeremy Bartlett, former student
Photo of Rene Nasol
I have been in band with Mr. Ritchey since the beginning of my high school career. As I continued band for those five years, it was evident that my skills in playing clarinet had grown and so did my interest for music. Mr. Ritchey had allowed me to grow in these areas as he is a very skilled musician and a great teacher. He was also very passionate about his students and the music we made together. I always found band to be a class that I would look forward to every semester because of this environment that Mr. Ritchey and the class have made.
With Mr. Ritchey's skills as a musician he was really effective in teaching many students several different instruments. I was always quite amazed with how quickly he was able to change instruments, play it then teach a student how to play it as well. For example, if we were learning a new chart and a student couldn't get a note right, Mr. Ritchey would simply tell him, from across the room, where to put his fingers and bam! The student learned right away how to play that note!
Mr. Ritchey wasn't just a music teacher, but he was also a mentor to many. He created a comfortable environment where students could connect with him and with each other; band class was more than just learning how to play an instrument and getting an A. He helped students use music as a way to express themselves and in a way, I witnessed many people grow because of it.
Because of band I grew quite an interest in music and how so many unique and different instruments can come as one to make such beautiful music and a big part of this would be due to Mr. Ritchey and his great work as a teacher and mentor.
Band was and is something I will always remember. I learned more than just how to play the clarinet, but I also learned about myself and I'd like to thank Mr. Ritchey.
Rene Nasol, high school graduate
Photo of Jimmy Jiang
Mr.Ritchy, Best band teacher NA. Very well able to help students like me transfer the skills from playing one instrument onto learning how to play another. And can even turn the laziest students into proficient players
Jimmy Jiang
Photo of Daniel Magpantay
Mr. Ritchey is an accomplished and talented musician. He plays every instrument in the concert band/orchestra and has taught me music for 4 years. He is a very passionate person. Thanks to his dedication to teach music, my ability to play music flourished. I've gained a lot of knowledge about music because of him. I would recommend any aspiring musicians to be taught by Mr. Ritchey.
Daniel Magpantay
Photo of Justin Diwa
Mr. Ritchey is a talented and elite musician. He knows how to easily play and teach all the instruments in concert band/orchestra. In the 5 years that I've been with him, I quickly learned that he truly has a passion for music and helping others to reach their goals. Through his motivation and discipline to instruct music, I was able to obtain a wide variety of knowledge about music and have received multiple music awards through his guidance. I would easily suggest any aspiring and curious musicians to be educated by Mr. Ritchey.
Justin Diwa, high school student
My two children were privileged to have Michelle as their music teacher for piano and flute. They enjoyed a comfortable and fun environment where they learned to read, write and play music at their own pace. I highly recommend Michelle for any child or adult who wishes to learn to play either piano or flute.
Maria Price

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